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Making rethinking our behaviour as accessible as a piece of string


Paul Seward is the founder of FIPS Africa in Nairobi; an NGO that is focused on increasing the productivity of smallholder farmers in East Africa. One of their key challenges is how to help farmers growing maize to change the way they grow.

How do you feed America when it refuses to rain in California?

Mark and the Planning-ness delegates tackle an impossible brief

Mark-Pulse (1)

An audience of bright young communications strategists in San Francisco work on an “impossible brief” with our toolkit designed to help find opportunity in limitations.

The Challenger Project - Interview

Karma Cola: Building a Brand To Be Discovered

Karma Cola 700x500

We meet with Karma Cola co-founder Simon Coley, to hear how they use design and long-form storytelling to create a challenger brand that is discovered rather than broadcast.


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