About Us

eatbigfish is a brand consultancy with a single focus: challenger thinking and behavior. Founded by Adam Morgan after he wrote the book that coined the term ‘Challenger Brand’ – Eating the Big Fish – our company exists to study challenger behaviour and work with businesses who want to behave like challengers themselves.


We are a small and highly specialized company. Adam leads the business and runs our EMEA projects with Hugh Derrick from our office on Bermondsey Street in London, under the watchful eye of Teresa Murphy, our commercial partner. In the US projects are lead by our partners Mark Barden in San Francisco and Chad Dick in New York. Supporting the partners on all projects are a team of strategy directors and strategists, with creative resource and logistical support based in London and the US –  we pride ourself on having a small experienced team of Challenger Experts working on every project.

All the partners are regular keynote speakers. Read their bios and and hear them speak here.


Our expertise as a company is grounded in The Challenger Project, an ongoing study of the world’s most successful Challengers. The insights we gain from this has made us the leading experts in Challenger Brands and we share these insights in keynote speeches, our books, brand building tools and digital platforms, as well as through our consultancy projects and workshops. Sign up to our mailing list for regular inspiration from The Challenger Project and information about our publications and tools.


Facilitated workshops are at the heart of our offer. We bring many years of experience leading diverse groups through complex and often difficult conversations. We work with cross-functional senior management teams and their primary business partners and help them arrive at their own solutions, this co-ownership is vital to the project’s long-term success. We bill ourselves as catalysts not consultants for this reason – our role is to have you, the client, create really fresh and novel ideas yourselves, by applying the fresh and novel methods of the Challenger to your business.

We bring a deep knowledge to the table of how to ‘do more with less’ which requires a fundamentally different mindset and method than the market leader. This method has proven itself with clients big and small across many different geographies and categories. Our Clients hire us to create a step-change in their fortunes — helping them figure out how best to seize a big opportunity, or turn around a struggling brand.  Read about some previous projects and hear from the people involved here.