William Lawson

The Challenge…

We worked with William Lawson to create a powerful brand identity and vision that would inspire and galvanise brand teams across the globe. The scotch whisky brand had built a substantial business in Russia, Belgium and Mexico with it’s ‘No Rules’ positioning. However, in their push for further global expansion into the USA and greater Europe, this wasn’t providing brand teams, creatives or retail partners with enough clarity as to what was ‘on’ or ‘off’ strategy.

The Solution.

Through our Challenger Identity programme, we helped the cross-functional William Lawson’s team and their agency get to a single minded belief-driven identity, which provided a sharper articulation to their brand. One year on, William Lawson’s is in double-digit growth and are currently the fastest-growing brand within the Bacardi portfolio.

Takeaway facts and figures:

  1. Brand in double digit growth.
  2. Launching in 4 new markets.
  3. The fastest growing brand in the Bacardi portfolio.

Lee Sargent, Global Brand Director at Bacardi, on working with eatbigfish.

”eatbigfish is the recognised leader in helping brands understand their identity in real depth”

Lee Sargent, Global Brand Director at Bacardi

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