The Challenger Project

Exploring how a new generation of challenger brands succeed

Business never sits still. You go to bed believing you understand it one day, and wake up to an entirely new reality the next. For this reason, our commitment to understanding challengers has to be an ongoing one. It means time devoted to finding and researching the new challengers that emerge.

We call this The Challenger Project and it is our source of inspiration, knowledge and expertise.

We see the world of business through this lens; it informs everything we do and what we learn through has made us the world’s leading voice on challenger brands.

In today’s ever-changing business environment, if you’re not the challenger you are the challenged. Or you soon will be. We believe that everyone can learn from the traits of successful challenger brands, whether you are a giant market leader in a global category, or a small fledgling start-up with a big ambition.

We are committed to sharing the lessons of challenger strategy with as wide an audience as possible. The Challenger Project is where you can watch our latest interviews, read our articles and get advice for building your own challenger brand. Sign up for the mailing list and you’ll receive our monthly roundup of challenger insights and advice to help you ‘do more with less’.

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