Our Network

At eatbigfish, we are clear about our own strengths and where we can and can’t add value. We are building a network of partner companies with their own specialist areas of expertise.


Constraint Led Innovation

Our latest partnership, delivering inspiring workshops and innovation processes based on the methodology in A Beautiful Constraint.

Business is fuelled by its ambitions, but more often than not, significant constraints prevent us from achieving these ambitions and we get stuck in a rut, unable to grow, unable to succeed. The ABConstraint Company has developed a unique approach to constraint-led innovation. Their programmes, speeches and seminars focus on the method, mindset and motivation required to help you embrace your toughest constraints in order to develop new ideas.

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Our Challenger Friends in Barcelona

A new strategic consultancy based in Barcelona, olivorojo are bringing challenger thinking to the Spanish-speaking world.
Olivo Rojo

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