Challenger Brand Profile: Peppersmith

By Jude Bliss, 22/10/2012

Peppersmith is a UK based confectionery company specialising in natural chewing gum and mint products.

The food and drinks category has evolved a lot over the last decade with a much higher emphasis now on where products come from and how they are made. In confectionary however – or gum and mints at least, the market is still dominated by synthetic products made with artificial flavours and sweetners that are often bad for your teeth and poor for your health.

It was then in 2010 that Dan Shrimpton and Mike Stevens saw the opportunity for ‘Peppersmith’, a natural confectionary company that not only tastes great but is good for your health too. They have also built a witty, quirky and design-led brand that looks to inform and entertain customers rather than behave like the market leader who says very little and tries to appeal to all.

Co-founder, Dan Shrimpton explains the values of the business and why setting out those values at the very beginning is vital for future success.

In 2012 Peppersmith was named in the Startups 100 awards as one of the UK’s most innovative, inspiring and ground-breaking new companies.

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