Zagging Against Planned Obsolescence

By Jude Bliss, 29/11/2012

Planned obsolescence is the design and manufacture of products that are deliberately intended to have a limited useful life – the result is that you are forced into an everlasting cycle of replacing, repurchasing and repeating.

Since 1959 Vitsœ has made furniture that last a lifetime, always striving to be better rather than newer. In this video they take an explicit stance against against this world of waste.

A great example of the ‘Enlightened Zagger’, deliberately swimming against the prevailing cultural current – in this case the notion that ‘new’ should mean more desirable, or more improved.


2 Responses to “Zagging Against Planned Obsolescence”

  1. Challenger Brand Profile: Sugru | eatbigfish app 2 says:

    […] Like Vitsoe, an Enlightened Zagger making furniture to last a lifetime and more, Jane was similarly frustrated by the manufacture and design of products that have a limited shelf life. We’re trapped in an everlasting cycle of replacing stuff that has gone ‘out of fashion’ with the same but newer. Only- of course- for it to lose its cool in another 6 months’ time. When at design school Jane asked, “What about valuing the stuff we already have?” […]