Putting the Music back into Music Television

By Georgia Craib, 1/02/2013

So I’ve be pretty quiet on the blog for quite a while; it’s not because of the lack of interesting things going on in the land of brand. Helen wonderfully proved that this week. It’s because I have fled the british winter and am currently studying at the Miami AD School . . . in Miami (insert loud irritated sigh from everyone I’ve left at home). I am on the Miami AD School bootcamp course. Apart from the obvious upsides it has been amazing to work with such a diverse number of people.

My classmates are like a microcosm of the globe with people from all corners hammering out great work military style, like a super creative army, guided by the best sergeant majors possible- 7 days a week, 12+ hours a day. Its been so tough in fact that my mac’s hard drive suffered burn out on the second week and I am distinguishing day from night by the beverage on my desk (coffee = day, beer = evening).

Anyway I could harp on for ages about how amazing it is, (and that I am living in shorts and T-shirts) but actually what I wanted to do was share with you one of the projects I have been working on – set for us by the wonderful Christopher Owens of the Richard’s Group – a new music channel called Revolt, set up by P.Diddy.  We were asked to concept for a Super Bowl commercial- but I couldn’t help it, I saw a potential challenger in the making, so thought I would share it with you.

When MTV first aired the first song was ‘video killed the radio star’. that was in 1981…

In the last few years MTV has pretty much killed the concept of the music channel.

In 2010 they even dropped the word music from their name (not sure what the M means now?!), to favour shows like Jersey Shore & My Super Sweet Sixteen.

This is the basis, I believe, for Revolt Cable.  Puff Daddy has decided he wants it back. With the aim to out MTV, by giving back what in recent years they have taken away – so he’s creating this new music station, risky when everyone appears to be spelling the end of TV.

But you can’t play by the rules & conventions of a dying category and win, so he (The Diddy) is reinventing a whole new media ecosystem, for a whole new generation, a generation of social media junkies.

Diddy Announces REVOLT Music and News TV Network on Youtube

Consider this, with 20 million songs in your pocket you need a way to navigate your way through this sea of sound. Many online companies offer ‘google for music’ but few give you an opinion. Even fewer give you a face you connect with someone you- know/trust/even aspire to and give you those opinions. This channel plans to offer this; but with all the rawness of real time.

This is where their offer became a little more interesting for me:

– An ‘artist only’ app that lets artists hijack the airwaves. When was an artist ever have the ‘right’ and the ‘power’ to interrupt regular broadcasting?

– The ‘music news’ isn’t collected, curated and presented to the audience in a watered down way – it’s raw, real time and right from the source.

– The people considered originally to be ‘the viewer’, have the power to create, upload and influence content to the network.

All this stuff carries with it an element of risk- which you don’t see on TV – which I love.

But we shall have too wait and see…. at the moment this is mainly all conjecture on my part having pawned over the sizzle reel and the blogosphere to create my ad campaign. But hopefully there’s something in it, other than Mr.’Diddy’ Combs trying to a the super cool version of Richard Branson.

Because maybe we really do want our MTV back.

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