Man enough not to fear rejection!

By Chad Dick, 12/11/2011

Watch out Axe and Dove. There’s a new Man on the block. Duke Cannon. A new brand and philosophy that launched today to challenge the emasculation of men and provide an antidote to the ‘Mangina Virus.’

(I’m sure it’s no coincidence that they decided to launch on Veteran’s Day here in the US. A fitting tribute to the Real Men and Women in uniform who take care of business for all of us.)

BEWARE. THIS BRAND AND WEBSITE ISN’T FOR THE FEINT OF HEART. As they proudly declare in their manifesto, this brand isn’t for everyone. Only real men need apply.

A brilliant example of our saying: The greatest danger to a Challenger isn’t Rejection…it’s Indifference! Love him or hate him. It will be hard to ignore the Duke Cannon Supply Co.

And if you’ve ever wondered if you’ve pushed far enough with your brand to get people’s attention — well then, just take a look at the Duke Cannon Supply Co. and you’ll be reminded that someone is always willing to challenge and push a little further.

5 Responses to “Man enough not to fear rejection!”

  1. A.R. says:

    All brands that stand for nothing and try to appeal to everyone should watch out. Duke Cannon Supply Co. will exploit that without even trying. Consumers are starving for brand personas that are authentic and mean something. In the words of Duke Cannon: F*ck Yeah!

  2. Chad Dick says:

    Yes, indeed. A brand for everyone is a brand for no one. Strong challengers know their edges and are not afraid to keep them sharp. Keep up the strong POV Duke!

  3. Tony Barr says:

    Do real men actually even use soap? I usually just scrub myself with a rock whilst I stand knee deep in the freezing torrent of a river in the backwoods. Somewhere in Surrey.

    Hats off to Duke Cannon for not holding back on this route. Makes the man your man could smell like, smell like the man who’s not man enough.