Making every pixel count

By Jude Bliss, 4/01/2013


We’ve long been big fans as well as users of Vimeo at eatbigfish, it hosts all of our Challenger Project films, provides daily does of inspiration in the form of the many shorts, and ‘how to’ tutorials and of course it gets our support as being very much the Challenger when it comes to competing with the video Goliath that is YouTube.

One of the key tenants of Challenger Thinking is doing more with less and making sure as a brand that you maximize the impact of the limited resources that you have available. We often refer to this as using your ‘house media’.

So whilst for many businesses house media may be your website, packaging and delivery trucks, if all you only really exist online then its every page, square inch and pixel that you are going to need to get to work that little bit harder.

One example of Vimeo doing this well is with their favicon.

Now unless you’re a massive geek, already know too much about websites or were born post-2000 you won’t have a clue what a favicon is so I’ll tell you. A favicon is the tiny little icon (usually 16×16 pixels) associated with a particular website and is commonly found next to your bookmarks or alongside the URL address. When uploading a film to Vimeo, rather than blandly use the space to display their logo, they instead use it to illustrate the progress of the upload via an animated pie-chart.


A tiny, easily overlooked detail maybe, but a good example of a brand thinking about how to squeeze the most out of every last pixel.

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