The Browser You Love(d) to Hate

By Chad Dick, 4/12/2012

‘Symbol of Reevaluation’ or just admission of inferiority?

Time will tell. But this is about as ballsy as Domino’s mea culpa.

Either way, it will be interesting to watch a former ‘Goliath’ challenge a ghost of their past.

Browser you loved to hate screenshot

One Response to “The Browser You Love(d) to Hate”

  1. Gunter Soydanbay says:

    I think it is smart for IE to openly embrace the fact that people used to passionately hate them. Pretending otherwise would be both pathetic and strategically wrong.

    That said, even though it is hated, half of the world is already using IE. Targeting not baby boomers but their kids is a smart move, because the kid is the ultimate decision maker.

    If the product is indeed good, then the campaign should help it increase its market share. If not, the tested and proven old ad age will be in effect: There’s no faster way to kill a bad product then having good advertising.