How Do You Fix a Spam Catastrophe? With More Spam.

By Georgia Craib, 4/02/2013

In the last few years Authenticity has gone from a trend, to a buzz word, to a must in branding.

Few brands really take it to heart though. For me, authenticity is about being yourself, in the bad times as well as the good times.

On Tuesday last week Mini owners started receiving small boxes through their letter boxes – all with “we’re sorry” written on them.

They contained….

The letter says:

“Dear …, 

Last week you received some emails from us. Hundreds of emails, in some cases. While we love staying in touch, this was unintentional. A server went haywire and the technical glitch has been fixed, but we wanted to make up for any hassle we might have caused. 

Nothing says “I’m sorry” quite like flowers and chocolate, so we’ve combined the two and enclosed a chocolate rose. But if you’re allergic to flowers (or chocolate), we hope this duct tape will help fix things up. Or, if you’re ever feeling annoyed again, you can de-stress using this particularly squeezable can of spam. 

Again, our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. 

Motor on, 
The MINI Team”


Spam like this happens all the time- Brett did it to everyone when he got his new computer last year. However taking that computer problem and turning it into an opportunity to show humanity and highlight the importance of the relationship you have with your email subscribers, thats pretty bloody cool. Thats pretty bloody human.

In the end what could have turned people off the brand probably actually lead to a greater love and connection.

I think the phrase goes – “it takes a real man to say I’m sorry” – to add to that, it takes a real brand to do the same.

 Found Via Design Taxi

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