Getting Your Fans to Work for You

By Amy Ryles, 6/02/2013

A couple of weeks ago Zoe, Brett and I went along to hear Seth Godin speak about his latest book- The Icarus Deception.

It was appropriately motivating and inspiring- as you might expect from a book urging us to be brave and aim high, delivered with charisma and vigour. What I thought was most striking about the evening, however, wasn’t the content. It was Seth’s audience.

Three hundred people sat in their seats, rapt, hanging onto Seth’s every word; some taking photos, others furiously note-taking on their iPads. And we’d forked out enough to go see Madonna at the O2 (almost). Seth Godin, without doubt, has created an army of superfans – and he’s putting them to work.

As we filed into the auditorium we found a large orange paper bag perched proudly on each seat.

Seth Godin bag

In it were two copies of Seth’s books. Two copies, really? What am I going to do with two copies?

I suppose I’ll just have to give one away.

Later on, Seth revealed a code on the bottom of the bag (cue rustling racket as people clamoured to turn their bags upside-down). Tweet the code to a Twitter friend, and Seth will send them a free copy of the book.

(I haven’t yet used my tweet. If you’d like me to tweet you the copy, please tweet us @eatbigfishLDN. First come first served…).

Finally, Seth brought our attention to a card that had been slipped into the bag, titled “This is my art”. You fill it out, go to a bookshop, and pop it into a book. “And it doesn’t need to be my book,” Seth suggested, shrewdly.

Seth Godin superfans

Social media awareness? Tick.

Interest from new consumers at point of sale? That too.

And we did all the work. I’m impressed.

How could you turn your passive fans into active brand advocates?

3 Responses to “Getting Your Fans to Work for You”

  1. Marko Saric says:

    Some very nice moves there! I’m always impressed by Seth Godin and his simplicity in being able to do some tiny moves that nobody thinks about and get people to take action!