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There’s been a huge amount of talk of challenger brands this year and we’re barely out of January. So who do we think are going to be the movers and shakers in 2016? We’ve put together our annual 20 challengers to watch list here at eatbigfish with a helping hand from some friends of ours. Complementing our choices are suggestions from top brand thinkers and authors including Denise Lee Yohn, Ed Cotton, Faris, Porter Gale and Whitney Johnson. Enjoy.

A Beautiful Constraint

Our latest book – out now

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‘An amazing book. A well-written, lucid survey of how businesses succeed by figuring out how to use their limitations. A business book that doesn’t read like one. I think these guys nailed it.’

– Dan Wieden, Wieden + Kennedy

How To Transform Your Limitations Into Advantages

The latest thinking from Adam Morgan & Mark Barden

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A thought-provoking speech providing simple and practical tools to help almost anyone use constraints as a source of inspiration rather than asphyxiation.


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