Boom! Act One

Tom Ford shares the secret of silent storytelling with Adam and gives us some lessons in catwalk communication.


From PowerPoint to Piracy

Lynne Vandeveer talks about her experience launching Stride gum as a Challenger brand within Cadbury and explains the personal qualities, team behaviours and brand culture that helped her Pirate Within achieve brand and business success.


The Underdog and the Power of Two

Adam shares some powerful reasons to celebrate our Challenger status, encourages us to actively use it to engage our audience and explores why reducing competitive chaos to a binary choice is a win for our brand and our consumer.


Guitar Man vs Music Machine

Liv meets Jont, a musician behaving very difficult to challenge an industry which is not only famously difficult to break into but is famously broken itself.


The Opposite of an App

Adam and family survive 90 degree heat and melting tarmac in a car hire queue in the South of France to learn some valuable lessons about convenience, usefulness and generosity in digital age.