Olivia Knight



A desktop exercise to take the streets! This takeaway should help ignite some fury and ensure that you and your public know what you are fighting for and what you are fighting against.


It’s been a year since we launched the Challenger Project so we thought now would be a good time to look back and pull together a few of our favourite films, articles, stories and exercises. These are some of ours, but if you have your own favourite please let us know...

Back Camera

What a Corker!

Went to try out a new bistro bar the other day. It’s called Beaujolais. I like wine so I always […]

The Power of Ten

As we know, being a Challenger Brand is not about state of market, being number two or three or four doesn't in itself make you a Challenger. A Challenger is, above all, a state of mind rather than a state of market. Challenger Brands are the brands that inspire us, the people that we respect and remember; they are the characters that we are attracted to - after all, ‘no one roots for Goliath’.


New Emotion, Good Fortune

A print out and play exercise that forces us to introduce a new and unexpected emotion into our category and explore what this would mean for our brand and our consumer relationship.


Most of us see opportunity in business, just as in life, as something that happens to us – or doesn’t! At best we see it as something we accidentally chance upon and then decide whether to embrace, at worst we see it as something that happens to others. Challengers see opportunity as something they have the power to create for themselves.


From PowerPoint to Piracy

Lynne Vandeveer talks about her experience launching Stride gum as a Challenger brand within Cadbury and explains the personal qualities, team behaviours and brand culture that helped her Pirate Within achieve brand and business success.