Our Prejudice

There is no such thing as an objective consultant. Everyone brings their prejudices to the table. Ours is a belief in the Challenger approach. Maybe you see the world as we see it:

We believe that being a Challenger is a state of mind – not a state of market. Challenger Brand thinking is as relevant for a market leader as for a niche player.
We believe that Intelligent Naivety – intelligently applied inexperience – has changed the face of most of the categories around us more profoundly than a lifetime of applied category experience.
We believe in values and belief based branding. That brands should have a strong point of view. That this internal compass helps drive every decision they make.
We believe that Challengers with this clear sense of themselves act like a Lighthouse. They take a stand, on solid foundations, and intensely and consistently project their point of view in everything they do. Encouraging the consumer to ‘navigate’ by them.
We believe that if you are not the market leader in the category, you have to be the Thought Leader.
We believe that you have far more media at your disposal than you think you do. You are just not recognizing them as media at the moment.
We believe that innovation is embedded in a culture not a six sigma innovation funnel.
We believe successful brands are idea centred – not consumer centred. That momentum is the currency of a Challenger that sustains its appeal, and ideas are the fuel of that momentum.

And finally, we believe that the Challenger model is the strategic business model of the future.