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Who are eatbigfish?

Experts in challenger brands

eatbigfish is a strategic brand consultancy with a single focus: challenger thinking and behaviour. Founded by Adam Morgan after he wrote Eating the Big Fish – the book that popularised the term ‘challenger brand’ – our company exists to study challenger behaviour and work with businesses who want to become challengers themselves.


We work with our clients to apply current challenger methods to their own business – using our tools and processes to offer an exciting and proven alternative model for business strategy, brand development, marketing, innovation and organisational culture.


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‘I don’t think any company in the world can afford not to play by the rules of the challenger.’

Antonio Lucio, Hewlett-Packard

Small but perfectly formed

Meet the team

We are a small and highly specialized company. We always said we would never grow so big that we couldn’t fit around the dining table at the eatbigfish office in London. This is still true, it’s just the dining table now seats 21.


We pride ourself on having an experienced team of challenger experts working on every project. Adam Morgan leads the business and runs our EMEA projects with Hugh Derrick from our office on Bermondsey Street in London, under the watchful eye of commercial partner Teresa Murphy. In the US projects are led by Mark Barden in San Francisco and Chad Dick in New York.

Working with the partners are a team of strategic directors, strategists and workshop coordinators, who all bring their own diverse interests and expertise to a project. We encourage everyone in the company to actively build and contribute to The Challenger Project, which is produced by a dedicated creative team based at our London headquarters.


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The Challenger Project

An evolving study into challenger brands and how they succeed

Our philosophy, processes & tools are grounded in The Challenger Project – an evolving global study of the world’s most successful challenger brands and companies across all categories and industries. The insight we gain from this research has made us the world’s leading voice on challenger brands.

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