January 2012

Making the Invisible Visible1

Making the Invisible Visible

Our latest publication. Where are the opportunities for Challengers to amplify their point of difference by making something hitherto invisible, […]

Push the Panic Button

Tom Marchant, co-founder of luxury travel operator Black Tomato explains the thinking behind a small but powerful innovation on their […]

Wake Up World

An interview from our Challenger archives that’s particularly pertinent as we all struggle with those new year resolutions. Eric Asche, […]

Stimulus & State

In the second film on meetings from Rupert Millington this week, Rupert explains the effect stimulus and ones surroundings can […]

Cox, Cookies & Cake

Cake Porn

I was hurrying home one evening from a night out somewhere I can’t remember now – weaving through some of […]

Beyond the Beanbag

This week we have two video posts from Rupert Millington, founder of innovation consultancy Baby Tiger as he shares his […]