October 2011

A Fixer of Frustrations

Here in the second piece taken from our interview with Ikea’s Michael Hay, he talks about Ikea’s approach to innovation. […]


Help, I Need Less

Design conscious pharmaceutical company Help remedies launched a new online campaign yesterday, which takes a stand against the big pharmaceutical […]


Amit Needs You!!!

Amit Gupta, founder of Photojojo NEEDS YOU! More specifically he needs some bone marrow and quickly. So he has literally […]


Getting Better at Failing

They say the test of a civilised society is how it treats its citizens at each end of their lives: when they are children on the one hand, and when they are old on the other. And the most interesting test of a whether a company is serious about being innovative or not is of course how it treats its ideas at both ends of their lives: their creation on the one hand, and their death on the other - their failure, in other words, and the people responsible for that failure.