January 2011

Lovells 3

Upside Down Beer

Challengers like to do things their own way. They like to break rules – and often flip them on their […]

heart salt shaker

Heart Shaker

Salt’s bad for you. We all know it. But still we love it. I am particularly partial to a generous […]

avocado t shirt

A better alternative

In November 2010, the German Sustainable Congress took place. This year marked a record number with 1,300 visitors. Amongst them […]

The Power of Ten

As we know, being a Challenger Brand is not about state of market, being number two or three or four doesn't in itself make you a Challenger. A Challenger is, above all, a state of mind rather than a state of market. Challenger Brands are the brands that inspire us, the people that we respect and remember; they are the characters that we are attracted to - after all, ‘no one roots for Goliath’.

A mobile alternative

Yesterday saw the opening of the 2011 international consumer electronics show. The murmurings coming from Las Vegas already include terms, […]

Turn it off!

Anyone else hate when you go for lunch or dinner and your dining companion places their phone on the table, […]