November 2010

Mini app

Game On!

Love this app from Mini in Sweden. It’s a real-time game and a really clever way for Mini to create […]

nut bowl

Nut Logic

Where have you been all my life, o sensible nut dish? You’re eating pistachios. Your hands are full with their […]


New Emotion, Good Fortune

A print out and play exercise that forces us to introduce a new and unexpected emotion into our category and explore what this would mean for our brand and our consumer relationship.

Seeing Power

Love this invention from The Interactive Institute – the Power-Aware Cord. It does just what it promises to do; make […]

Pitstop practice

A story about how overlaying the rules of another category helped in the race to save lives at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Tasty T-Shirts

With the explosion of choice, it’s hard to stand out in any category these days. But these guys, Here Sod! […]


Most of us see opportunity in business, just as in life, as something that happens to us – or doesn’t! At best we see it as something we accidentally chance upon and then decide whether to embrace, at worst we see it as something that happens to others. Challengers see opportunity as something they have the power to create for themselves.