September 2010

Bike Shelf

I love things that fix problems. Especially problems that have been ignored and overlooked. If you have a bike, especially […]

The Impossible Pyramid

Coke Zero’s product rock is about making the impossible possible e.g. a good tasting zero calorie Coke. One that doesnt […]


Top of the Pops

Lessons from a brand leader who refused to be a loser and a word of warning to the Challenger who tries the same trick twice.

For the record…

This is so wacky, I love it. And Vinyly have found a way to immortalise you – and give the gift of […]

One Hellish Ad

Our friends at Hell Pizza in New Zealand have come up with another gem. Co-Founder Stu McMullins just emailed me […]

Unhear it

I love that the web can make even the most hair-brained of ideas possible. This particular time, I’m thinking about […]

Fashion Aid

We’ve seen a lot of people pairing up with famous people to make a little noise around their brand. And […]