July 2010

Let them eat bread

Pay what you want. An interesting concept that worked well for Radiohead and seems to be working well for Panera […]

Ass of an idea

There is a lot to learn from the bad marketing examples as well as the best in class ones. This […]

An Expensive Belief

A belief is only a belief until it costs you, so the saying goes. Prince (symbol, formerly known as, whatever […]

Misfortune cookie

This post may seem like a joke. It’s not. I promise there’s more to this than wanting to share something […]


A Pig’s Tale

A story about an early, downloadable and portable device that fulfilled a specific task to make life a little easier. Think Different, in 1700.


The Opposite of an App

Adam and family survive 90 degree heat and melting tarmac in a car hire queue in the South of France to learn some valuable lessons about convenience, usefulness and generosity in digital age.

I Want That One

In the over-crowded beauty business it’s not easy to know which product to chose. Here Marie McNeely talks about how Olay created a startlingly useful innovation at the point of purchase.

Startlingly Useful

This month, inspired by an inconvenient, unhelpful and stress-inducing car rental experience, Adam suggested we spend some time exploring usefulness – not just plain usefulness as opposed to uselessness but understanding and appreciating the surprising and generous spirit of the ‘Startlingly Useful’.

Impossible Alice

When on long haul flights, I normally seek out the most easy-to-watch garbage I can find. Something to do with […]

Perfect match

Some things just go together: fries and ketchup, popcorn and movies, whisky and fireplaces. Add to that list crisps and […]

What bad press?

I don’t know much about Gossip Girl, but I know I like their marketing team. Unsurprisingly, Gossip Girl has received a […]