June 2010

Plastic Shirts

Like everyone, Nike is trying to green itself up a little. And it chose the right place to showcase its initiatives. […]

No Skinny Bitches

The sheer scale of everything in NYC is pretty mind blowing. The biggest testament to this is a rice pudding […]

Absolut Disgrace

Every now and then, we get a harsh reminder of the importance of authenticity.  I stumbled across a particularly harsh […]


Cocktail Crusader

I was walking through Soho on that fateful day where Australia got our asses walloped by Germany. Deep breath, moving […]

See me

There was a piece in The Sunday Times last November about Michael McIntyre, the comedian. He has an interesting metric […]

Chalk the line

As a former cycle junkie, I love bicycle innovations. Especially when they are to do with safety. So it’s no […]