March 2010

The name game

I’ve started trying to read a bit more about the financial world and am really struck by the names given […]

Prawn Theatrics

Big week for me and Montreal and food. After my fishtank sushi affair, I was treated to another piece of […]


I went to India over New Year for a friend’s wedding ‘festival’ (I think that’s the most accurate adjective to […]


Saying vs. Doing

This month we’ve been making time between workshops to do a lot of talking with a lot of Doers. Liv has had breakfast with Veteran Labour Politician Tony Benn, Lunch with Do Lectures Co-Founder Dave Hieatt, and dinner with Welsh Farmer and GM protestor Gerald Miles. Mark has been in San Francisco with method and in Vegas with Zappos founder Tony Hsieh, while Adam has been to China and back and has still managed to find time for an evening with Tom Ford...

Show The Love

Naresh Ramchandani from online environmental charity Green Thing tells us why cheap media requires costly effort.


New Media

This first month we will be exploring both the power and pitfalls of the digital communication media currently labelled as ‘New’. But we will also be pushing beyond this digital definition to see how Challengers continually identify and utilize new and surprising media in the real world to communicate their message and engage with their audiences in genuinely new and unexpected ways.

Sushi Theatrics

In Montreal for the week, and by some fantastic coincidence, my sister was too. We trundled off to a Japanese […]